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Spirit School Session: Lianne Reading

Spirit School Session: Lianne Reading

October 20, 2021

I was fortunate enough to read for Lianne, who was the server at my birthday dinner. I felt drawn to give her a reading after she approached me and said she was on my waitlist. 

I only ask a few people each month to sit with me for free sessions where I can just purely serve Spirit. I was so grateful Spirit aligned Lianne to my awareness I feel that we both got a lot out of this session and she was gracious enough to allow me to post this reading on the podcast, with very limited edits

The only thing I edited was her last name and at the end, we had a bit of a personal banter I tried to only leave in things that are relevant the session. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

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October 2021 Spirit Messages

October 2021 Spirit Messages

September 30, 2021

The inspirations that came through for the month of October were very much around Healing our Ancestral wounds and our emotions that tend to not move through us as easily. 


Basically, we're going into the depths of it all (thanks to Scorpio energy - I LOVE Scorpio energy). It doesn't mess around and is incredibly transformational - why would we go through the roller coasters of September's energy if we weren't about to have big breakthroughs? 

I hope these messages resonate and help you make the most of the month ahead. 

To attend The Angel Hour with Archangel Haniel Healing with Spirit Messages from Kelly and Ashley you can register here: 



Signs from Spirit with Sheila V

Signs from Spirit with Sheila V

September 23, 2021

I am so excited to welcome one of my most popular guests, Sheila V, back to Spirit School!

After 20 years in the corporate world, Sheila became a full-time psychic medium after a spiritual awakening and a period of intense studying seeking truth in different modalities. She is now a mentor and the author of a new book called Brave: Courageously live your truth that sheds light on how you can show up authentically and do everything that you aspire to do. 

Sheila talks about how signs will lead you to your calling. Following them takes courage because they are asking you to leave the life you currently have to create a new one. On the other side of taking this leap are deep relationships based on new values and beliefs. 

Some topics that we covered are:

- How to recognize and receive signs as evidence of support

- Signs that told Sheila she was ready to shift into her career as a medium

- Categories of signs and the steps to understand them

- Courageously stepping into an authentic, unique and visible path

- Building trust in the universe and your own intuition

- Sign shock and having gratitude for the signs we receive


You can work with Sheila through the links below to sign up for a reading, coaching call or her Awakening Intuition course that starts September 29! If it isn’t your time to work with her directly, you can receive guidance through her book Brave: Courageously live your truth.



Brave: Courageously live your truth on Amazon.com  Indigo  Amazon.ca

Awakening Intuition Course starts September 29!

Book a reading or coaching call with Sheila

Sheila’s website https://www.sheilav.co/  for more

Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard Interview

Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard Interview

September 14, 2021

I am so excited to share this interview with my favourite medium of all time Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard! This episode was the highlight of my career and he was so generous with his time. It is common for Indigenous teachings to be shared through storytelling and the length of this episode reflects that experience.

In this interview, Shawn shares how he first became aware of his abilities through vibes and thoughts that he would receive about people which brought him to the initial stages of mediumship development. If you want to do this work, asking for help from Spirit and leading with trust and faith will guide you into alignment with your path. 

The stories that Shawn tells demonstrate the healing power of mediumship and the value of messages in addition to bringing validation to the sitter. He talks about how claircognizance and compassion are just as important as clairvoyance when conveying what needs to be communicated in a reading. Being a part of someone’s healing is the real gift of being a medium.

Shawn Leonard's TV show Spirit Talker gives the Indigenous community access to mediumship and shares stories that are relatable to give hope to those who are in need of healing. The divine intelligence of Spirit ensures that even in a group reading or demonstration, the messages will be received by more than those whose loved ones connect at that time.


Some questions that Shawn answered were:

- How do you receive names?

- What is your relationship with angels?

- Are earthbound spirits and ghosts real?


Be sure to watch the Season 2 premiere of Spirit Talker on APTN tomorrow, September 15, 2021!



Share this episode and your biggest takeaway on Instagram for a chance to win a signed copy of Shawn Leonard’s book The Language of Spirit. Tag @squamishmedium and @aboriginalmediumshawnleonard in your post to be entered. I will choose a winner on September 30, 2021 which is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada to recognize the generational impact of residential schools on Indigenous people.  


Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard’s website 

Spirit Talker Tribe Online Course

Spirit Talker Tribe - Interest Group

The Language of Spirit book:  Amazon.ca  Amazon.com Indigo

Shawn Leonard YouTube Channel

Spirit Talker on APTN (Canada)

Stream Spirit Talker

Spirit School Session: Bridgette Reading

Spirit School Session: Bridgette Reading

September 9, 2021

Bridgette Reading 

Thank you for all of the messages I’ve received about the September Spirit Messages episode! Although they were not the most positive, I have found that the book Braiding Sweetgrass and its Indigenous teachings has been a source of grounding for me.

This episode is one from my series where I share sessions with Instagram followers who are selected by me for a reading. I was so happy to confirm that Bridgette is also a member of my Initiation Circle when I connected with her through her Instagram account. The only information that I had prior to the reading was that Bridgette had lost her husband. For privacy, I started the reading after she spelled her name to connect to the energy of her voice.

This was an emotional reading filled with messages of love. There were validations about signs Bridgette has received and events that have happened since her husband’s passing that let her know he is still around. We also talked about grief and how it is a deeply personal journey with no set of rules or timeline. 

Stay tuned until the end to hear Bridgette’s follow-up reflection and testimonial on her experience as my sitter. 



Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer


The Initiation Circle membership

September Spirit Messages

September Spirit Messages

August 31, 2021

September is a month to go with the flow! Letting go of control will be helpful for your nervous system in addition to providing an opportunity for growth. We can only control our own thoughts and energy. 


When looking at health, throat issues may show up in response to some anger around feeling unsafe to express yourself this month. To clear the throat chakra, it would be helpful to find someone you can share with instead of holding it in. At the same time, we need to pause and consider the impact of our words and energy before we speak.


Something that also came up was the message to use your third eye to visualize the life you're working towards. This, along with a grounding practice that works for you can counteract the roller coaster going on in September.


I also mentioned in this episode that the best way to access my mentorship right now is in The Initiation Circle, my monthly membership. There is a high demand for 1:1 mentorship and members are offered priority. You get access to all of the previous content and there are exciting opportunities coming up!




The Initiation Circle membership


The Soul Care Planner by Sara McCormick

A Little More on Angels!

A Little More on Angels!

August 20, 2021

After The Initiation Six Week Mediumship Foundations Journey wrapped up, I took two full weeks off, including one-week offline camping with my family! As a result, I haven’t recorded an episode in a few weeks.

For my first episode back, I went live on Instagram to ask my audience what they would like me to talk about and almost everyone said, angels! I haven’t shared a lot about angels because my experience with them is so personal and unique compared to what I have learned through studying them. I am an experiential teacher and can only teach what I am embodied in, so keep in mind that what I share in this episode comes from my experience.


In this episode, I answered some questions from Instagram such as:

  • How my awareness of angels has evolved (numbers, colour, lights)

  • My connection to archangels versus guardian angels

  • How angels show up in my mentorship sessions

  • How I connect to angels now compared to when I started by asking for small things

  • The difference between guides and angels  

  • Finding my own place in angel work


“You are worthy of connecting with angels and I am worthy of healing others even though I’m not fully healed myself. I’m worthy of it all and so are you.”


Books Referenced:

  • The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Laloup

  • Mary Magdalene Revealed by Megan Waterston


See all of my offerings on my website: www.myspiritschool.com

Tag me on Instagram @squamishmedium

August 2021 Spirit Messages

August 2021 Spirit Messages

August 1, 2021

August Spirit Messages focus on how surprisingly wonderful it can be to take time away from your development, the importance of being kind to yourself when your soul calls for you to be ‘human,’ and a reminder that you will never fall behind on this path.


There are also messages about finding your true personal power, a financial reset, and how nostalgia can lead to great changes in your life.


And last but not least - romance is in the air!

My Experience with ‘Dark Energy’

My Experience with ‘Dark Energy’

July 24, 2021

A story I never thought I'd share on the podcast. I don't believe in earth-bound spirits, demons or evil spirits - but I did have an experience one time, with what I term a collection of dark energy - not a being, but energy ... I share my experience and learnings here. 


I do not believe we have anything to fear here, and I do hope that this podcast and its takeaways are one of hope and internal true power. 


I'd love to know your feedback - tag me on any shares on instagram @squamishmedium www.instagram.com/squamishmedium 


See all my current offerings at www.myspiritschool.com 

Interview on Women’s Cycles with Rachel Moranis

Interview on Women’s Cycles with Rachel Moranis

July 14, 2021

A Conversation about Women's Cycles with Rachel Moranis 

Rachel Moranis is the creator of Stardust, an app that accurately tracks women's cycles with the rhythms of the moon and cosmos. It's no coincidence that the length of your menstrual cycle exactly matches the waxing and waning of the moon.

The Stardust app integrates science, astronomy, and artificial intelligence to connect your hormonal cycle with the cycles of larger celestial bodies: the stars, planets, sun, and moon.

In this podcast, we discuss how bleed times indicate where you are in your life, ancestral ways of honouring your cycles and bleed times, and what happens when you enter your crone years. 

The app is eerily accurate and includes categorizations of white witch, red witch, pink witch, and purple witch moon bleeders - which we also discuss in the interview. 

Found out more about it here: https://www.thestardustapp.com/

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