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August 2021 Spirit Messages

August 2021 Spirit Messages

August 1, 2021

August Spirit Messages focus on how surprisingly wonderful it can be to take time away from your development, the importance of being kind to yourself when your soul calls for you to be ‘human,’ and a reminder that you will never fall behind on this path.


There are also messages about finding your true personal power, a financial reset, and how nostalgia can lead to great changes in your life.


And last but not least - romance is in the air!

My Experience with ‘Dark Energy’

My Experience with ‘Dark Energy’

July 24, 2021

A story I never thought I'd share on the podcast. I don't believe in earth-bound spirits, demons or evil spirits - but I did have an experience one time, with what I term a collection of dark energy - not a being, but energy ... I share my experience and learnings here. 


I do not believe we have anything to fear here, and I do hope that this podcast and its takeaways are one of hope and internal true power. 


I'd love to know your feedback - tag me on any shares on instagram @squamishmedium www.instagram.com/squamishmedium 


See all my current offerings at www.myspiritschool.com 

Interview on Women’s Cycles with Rachel Moranis

Interview on Women’s Cycles with Rachel Moranis

July 14, 2021

A Conversation about Women's Cycles with Rachel Moranis 

Rachel Moranis is the creator of Stardust, an app that accurately tracks women's cycles with the rhythms of the moon and cosmos. It's no coincidence that the length of your menstrual cycle exactly matches the waxing and waning of the moon.

The Stardust app integrates science, astronomy, and artificial intelligence to connect your hormonal cycle with the cycles of larger celestial bodies: the stars, planets, sun, and moon.

In this podcast, we discuss how bleed times indicate where you are in your life, ancestral ways of honouring your cycles and bleed times, and what happens when you enter your crone years. 

The app is eerily accurate and includes categorizations of white witch, red witch, pink witch, and purple witch moon bleeders - which we also discuss in the interview. 

Found out more about it here: https://www.thestardustapp.com/

Interview with Luscious Hustle: Using Human Design in Business

Interview with Luscious Hustle: Using Human Design in Business

July 6, 2021

I was thrilled to interview Betsy and Laura of the Luscious Hustle. I had a human design session with them and loved it!  


In this episode, we discuss transitioning from working with the moon to human design in business mentorship, finding purpose and alignment, and the energy types we all try. We also talked about the divine feminine and masculine energy in business and the male and female energy cycles.


Find out more about Betsy and Laura here: https://www.luscioushustle.com/star-strategy-session 

And check out the luscious hustle podcast here: https://www.luscioushustle.com/luscious-hustle-podcast 

July 2021 Spirit Messages

July 2021 Spirit Messages

June 30, 2021

July Spirit Messages focus on self-development and growth!


A few of the topics discussed include; how to build your self-confidence with courage, being mindful and conscious about your finances, awareness around your internal chatter, and being in the moment.


What courageous thing are you going to do this month?


I also talk about why it was important for me to donate part proceeds from the recent launch of The Initiation - a six-week mediumship foundations journey - to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSS). You can check out the amazing work they do here: https://www.irsss.ca/

Spirit School Session: Emma Reading

Spirit School Session: Emma Reading

June 23, 2021

I was honoured to read for Emma, a local mama who posted on a message board she was hoping for a mediumship experience, I was able to connect with her dad in this Spirit School Session

As much as I loved Emma's session, this was an episode I was nervous to release, it's not my 'best' reading, nothing wow-factor from an inner-critic perspective - but my lesson was Emma loved her session, and she loved the connection with her dad, so who am I, to judge the quality of a session?


I work for Spirit, and my sitter enjoyed her experience - who am I to judge if I'm truly merely a servant? 


We all need to learn to get out of our own way! 


Love you all! 

www.instagram.com/squamishmedium - follow me to be considered as a future podcast sitter 


Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson Interview

Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson Interview

June 11, 2021

Do spirits follow you home? 

Do you believe in demons?

What is the most profound evidence you’ve caught?

These are some of the questions I was able to ask Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson. His passion and integrity make this PI stand out on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram alike! 

I hope you enjoy this conversation and please be sure to check out Michael on all his platforms 

@glowingghostparanormal on TikTok, IG 





Interested in learning about Mediumship Development? Registration Closes June 19th and we start June 21st for The Initiation 6-Week Mediumship Foundations Experience! 


June 2021 Spirit Messages

June 2021 Spirit Messages

June 2, 2021

Spirit Messages this month are focused on communication - we don’t have to wait until things get bad to speak up for what we need to thrive in this world! We really can improve our quality of life when things are already good!! Let’s make that the new normal!! 

Register for The Initiation 6-Week Mediumship Foundations Experience - we start June 21st! 



Want to attend Archangel Gabriels’ Angel Hour on Monday, June 14th? 


Spiritual Development With Skeptics In Your Life!

Spiritual Development With Skeptics In Your Life!

May 28, 2021

My husband is a skeptic of mediumship, truth is 8 years into my path, he still doesn't believe in what I do. But he believes in me. We're an example of life-partners who respect each other enough to pursue our other passions, but it wasn't always easy! 

I share my side of our journey in this episode and provide some inspiration and advice around now to navigate your spiritual development within a circle of people who would identify as non-believers 

Want to learn about Mediumship? Sign up for The Initiation 6-Week Mediumship Foundations Experience today! We start June 21, 2021! Win a chance for a FREE reading with me if you register on or before June 11, 2021! 


Spirit School Sessions: Mo

Spirit School Sessions: Mo

May 25, 2021
My sitter Mo had never had a reading before and got to connect with her grandparents on this episode. She also got some validation that her ancestors are very interested in her life from heaven.
In this episode, I share some perspectives on the reading from a reader's lens and offer an update from Molly my last sitter. 
The Initiation registration opens Friday! Join the list to be the first to secure your space! We start June 21!
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Original music by Dylan McCarthy: www.dylanmccarthymusic.com

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