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Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson Interview

Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson Interview

June 11, 2021

Do spirits follow you home? 

Do you believe in demons?

What is the most profound evidence you’ve caught?

These are some of the questions I was able to ask Paranormal Investigator Michael Johnson. His passion and integrity make this PI stand out on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram alike! 

I hope you enjoy this conversation and please be sure to check out Michael on all his platforms 

@glowingghostparanormal on TikTok, IG 





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June 2021 Spirit Messages

June 2021 Spirit Messages

June 2, 2021

Spirit Messages this month are focused on communication - we don’t have to wait until things get bad to speak up for what we need to thrive in this world! We really can improve our quality of life when things are already good!! Let’s make that the new normal!! 

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Spiritual Development With Skeptics In Your Life!

Spiritual Development With Skeptics In Your Life!

May 28, 2021

My husband is a skeptic of mediumship, truth is 8 years into my path, he still doesn't believe in what I do. But he believes in me. We're an example of life-partners who respect each other enough to pursue our other passions, but it wasn't always easy! 

I share my side of our journey in this episode and provide some inspiration and advice around now to navigate your spiritual development within a circle of people who would identify as non-believers 

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Spirit School Sessions: Mo

Spirit School Sessions: Mo

May 25, 2021
My sitter Mo had never had a reading before and got to connect with her grandparents on this episode. She also got some validation that her ancestors are very interested in her life from heaven.
In this episode, I share some perspectives on the reading from a reader's lens and offer an update from Molly my last sitter. 
The Initiation registration opens Friday! Join the list to be the first to secure your space! We start June 21!
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Original music by Dylan McCarthy: www.dylanmccarthymusic.com

Spirit School Session: Podcast Mentorship with Melanie

Spirit School Session: Podcast Mentorship with Melanie

May 19, 2021

I had the pleasure of mentoring a Spirit School Listener Melanie who has dreams of launching her own podcast and had some questions about it.

Melanie thought it may make for a good episode since her questions and my answers may support someone out there who’s inspired to start podcasting

I hope you enjoy being a fly on the wall of this mentorship call, see the course and get a special discount code just for you! 

Go to the course here: https://myspiritschool.teachable.com/p/the-empowered-podcaster

Use promo code: SpiritSchool22 to save $22!

Spirit School Sessions: Molly

Spirit School Sessions: Molly

May 7, 2021

I had the pleasure of gifting a reading for one of my Instagram followers, Molly. I explain how I felt led to give her a reading in the episode,  intentionally this is part of a new podcast segment called Spirit School Sessions

These Spirit School Sessions I will share a private 1:1 session with an IG follower as a teaching opportunity for those looking to step into this work for fully, I do hope it helps someone out there and I thank you for listening in. 


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Original music by Dylan McCarthy at www.dylanmccarthymusic.com

May 2021 Spirit Messages

May 2021 Spirit Messages

May 1, 2021

Spirit messages for the month of May are all about finding peace in the in-between, giving the mind a bit of a rest, and working through discontentment.

This isn't the most 'positive' card pull but there is a crumbling that needs to occur for the rebirth to happen. Focus on yourself and your inner world.


- Angel Hour -

The next Angel Hour is coming up on May 10 at 1:11pm (pst) and will focus on Archangel Uriel. $33 CAD to join (replays are available as well): https://squamishmedium.as.me/AngelHour


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Answering Your Mediumship Development Questions

Answering Your Mediumship Development Questions

April 20, 2021
Thank you to my Spirit School community for submitting some great questions about all the various aspects of mediumship development through email and Instagram!
Here are just a few of the questions I answer in this episode:
  • What would I do differently about my development?
  • How do I know spirit is around? 
  • How can I discern messages from Spirit versus my thoughts?
  • What is Clairempathy? 
  • How to use a pendulum?
More ways to engage with me:
Register for Language of Spirit 4 week LIVE course: https://squamishmedium.as.me/languageofspirit 
Register for the Angel Hour May 10th where we will focus on Archangel Uriel: squamishmedium.as.me/AngelHour 
Original music by Dylan McCarthy at www.dylanmccarthymusic.com
Interview with Spiritual Teacher, Medium, and Author Sheila V

Interview with Spiritual Teacher, Medium, and Author Sheila V

April 13, 2021
Sheila V is a Corporate CFO turned TV Psychic Medium and is now a Spiritual Teacher, Medium, and courageous warrior woman who is helping other women live their truth with courage. 
She is the author of the book Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth, in which Sheila shares stories of her client's amazing transformations. 
In this episode, I get to chat with Sheila about her development path as a Psychic Medium and how she came into her powerful work leading women through their fears and transformations. This is an incredibly inspirational interview that I know will benefit the Spirit School listeners!
Learn more about Sheila here: 
Website: www.sheilav.co
Buy the book:
April 2021 Spirit Messages

April 2021 Spirit Messages

March 31, 2021

Time to enter our divine feminine, feel our feelings to bring in our next level of what we desire. Is conditional power keeping you in the ebb and flow cycle or life, is the pain of your past unprocessed keeping you from the life you desire? 


Release old patternings, let a new life birth this Spring. Loads came through in this month's Spirit Messages, I hope you enjoy it! 


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